Music: Rick Epping

The legendary harmonica, jaw harp, concertina, banjo player and singer Rick Epping brings viewers of ICC Digital a special greeting from his beautiful home in Ireland.

Originally from California, Rick came over to Ireland with his wife Sandi and his friends Thom and Kathy Moore in 1974. Already masters of ‘American old time’, they wanted to steep themselves in Irish traditional music. They formed the band ‘Pumpkinhead’, which quickly attracted a huge following, winning the Fifth Letterkenny International Folk Festival.

Rick was the ‘1975 All Ireland Harmonica Champion’. Throughout his career he has played with artists such as Andy Irvine, Frankie Gavin and Christy Moore. He is currently a member of The Unwanted’ along with Cathy Jordan and Seamie O Dowd, (both from Dervish.) The Unwanted were due to play the ICC soon, but the concert has been postponed, however when you watch Rick’s beautiful performance here, you will feel like you’re in the room with him. Rick brings you some of his favourite songs and plays you some mighty tunes on his banjo, concertina and harmonica. This little concert includes the foot-tapping song ‘Who Broke The Lock On The Hen House Door!’  Heart-warming stuff!! Enjoy.