Film: A Good Age Episode Two

Last week we brought you Ageism, the first episode from the groundbreaking six-part television series ‘A Good Age’, directed by Sé Merry Doyle. This series tackles head on the everyday myths and misconceptions that result in ageism. This week we are happy to bring you the second episode, The Long Weekend, which explores the emotions and experiences of people as they approach retirement and move into older age. We meet Seamus Gillespie on his last day at work and hear his expressions of disquiet at being forced on to the scrapheap.  We encounter the quintessential Dub, Jimmy McGovern, in his late eighties, who still works long hours in his vegetable shop, six days a week.

Again the series chimes with what many feel is the very Ageist and unjust treatment of older people during the Covid epidemic. Many older people have really suffered and had their basic human rights endangered. The series ‘A Good Age’ is as relevant today as it was when it was first broadcast in 1997.

Watch the film here.