Film: A Good Age Episode Three

Today we bring you episode 3 of the series ‘A Good Age’ from The Loopline Collection. This episode ‘Looking After Yourself’ examines how ageism can create low self-esteem in senior citizens and can compromise the capacity for a full and healthy life. It also reflects upon the agonising process of entering Nursing Homes and Retirement Housing, which is particularly relevant at the moment, with so many Care Homes experiencing the cruel and deadly brunt of the effects of COVID 19.

‘A Good Age’, episodes one and two have really resonated and hit home some hard truths about how, in this current pandemic, older people are being patronised, undermined and marginalised and those who are suffering are unable to raise their voice in protest. ‘A Good Age’ values the human rights and the voices of older people and in this third episode, when JJ Byrne finds himself in a council run retirement home with very little facilities, you will see how he mobilises the tenants to fight for their rights.

Watch the film here.