Poetry: A talk by Bernard Canavan on Yeats

As part of ICC Digital’s YEATS’ WEEK we invited Bernard Canavan to give a short talk about Yeats’ beautiful and powerful poem ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’.

Bernard Canavan is an acclaimed Irish Painter, Author and Irish Historian. He’s had exhibitions of his work presented all over the UK and Ireland, he’s had several solo exhibitions at the ICC and his paintings were recently displayed at The Houses of Parliament in Westminster.

Canavan’s paintings are expressive and figurative and deal with Irish and the emigrant’s life; in particular the life of Irish people in the UK in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Bernard is also an Irish Historian, he taught Irish History and History of Art for many years at the ICC.

Born in 1944, Bernard grew up in County Longford, in the 1950s. Illness prevented him from going to school, so he read and drew pictures at home. He emigrated to England in 1959 and worked on unskilled labouring jobs on construction sites and in factories. He returned to work in Dublin as a graphic artist for a display and advertising agency before finally settling in London as a freelance illustrator for the 1960s underground press, Oz, International Times, Cyclops, Black Dwarf and magazines such as New Society, Peace News and Tribune.

To find out more about Bernard’s paintings, go to https://irishartinlondon.com/bernard-canavan