Fillm: The Cat and the Moon – W.B. Yeats

As part of our tribute week to W.B. Yeats, leading up to his 155th Birthday on June 13th, ICC Digital are delighted to bring you a very special film screening of the Yeats play ‘The Cat And The Moon’, adapted for the screen and produced and directed by Hollywood Actor Patrick Bergin.

The film is from his trilogy of films, ‘Some Other Place’ which also included ‘Calvary’ and ‘The Countess Cathleen’, both of which were directed by Paula Frazier-Bergin.In ‘The Cat And The Moon’ a blind man and a lame man go to a holy well to find a cure. The film features three powerful performances from actors Patrick Bergin, Tony Rohr and the late John Joe Mayo.

This trilogy has been acclaimed as a ‘highly original and cinematic rendering of Yeats’ three great plays’. Although made in 1999 the films continue to gather huge momentum and admiration even to this day. Bergin made this trilogy to pay a personal homage to W.B. Yeats, whose works he has always admired since his early school days in Drimnagh, Dublin.

ICC Digital are very grateful to Patrick Bergin, for giving us special permission to screen this film.

Patrick Bergin: Hollywood Actor Patrick Bergin, from Dublin has starred in over 30 movies including Sleeping with the Enemy (1991), Patriot Games (1992), Robin Hood (1991) .Winner of a BAFTA, (Best Actor Cymru 1992), Nominated for Best Supporting Actor, for ‘Sleeping With The Enemy’: He has starred extensively on Irish T.V. and recently appeared in East Enders. Patrick is also a successful musician and singer songwriter.