Film: Pride 2020

To celebrate Pride 2020 ICC Digital brings you a Mini Film Festival of 3 short LGBT films, courtesy of The Irish Film Institute.

The Films  are Novena,  ‘Stand Up For Your Friends and ‘Chicken’.

Happy Pride! We hope you enjoy watching.


Directed by award-winning filmmaker Anna Rodgers, who has made many LGBT films, this short documentary ‘Novena’ captures an unusual event in Catholic Ireland.

The Solemn Novena is an annual 9 day festival of faith at St. Joseph’s Redemptorists Church, Dundalk. Each year the festival is attended by thousands of people. In the 2012 the festival director, Father Michael Cusack, invited Stephen Vaughan and Kay Ferreter to address the congregation about their experiences of being gay and lesbian in Ireland and feeling excluded by Catholic doctrine.

This beautiful short film documents this event, capturing their powerful speech and one priest’s aspiration of a more inclusive church.

Novena won Best Documentary at the Kerry Film Festival 2013, Best Film & Television at GALAS 2014 and was joint winner of Spirit Of The Festival at GAZE LGBT Film Festival 2013.

This screening comes courtesy of The Irish Film Institute.

Running Time 17 minutes.

‘Stand Up For Your Friends’ 

This beautifully shot short ‘Rites de Passage’ film follows a young lesbian’s journey from being bullied to being accepted by her friends.

Directed by Aoife Kelleher and produced by Zlata Filipovic, this Irish anti-homophobic and transphobic bullying film, was created as part of ‘BeLonG To’ Irish Youth Services annual Stand Up, for LGBT Awareness Week.

This film comes courtesy of The Irish Film Institute.

Running Time 5 minutes.


Chicken is a micro-drama about two boys hanging out on a Dublin beach at dusk. A game of dare tests the limits of their trust and redefines the boundaries of their relationship.

Directed and Produced by Barry Dignam, based on a screenplay by Audrey O’Reilly, this sensitive short film focuses on the difficulty that young gay men often have in expressing affection for one another.

This film comes courtesy of The Irish Film Institute.

With kind permission of Barry Dignam.

Running Time 3 minutes.