Film: North Inner City Folklore Project

ICC Digital is delighted to bring you this rare film, produced in 1999 by Loopline Film. It features Terry Fagan and explores ‘The North Inner City Folklore Project’ in Dublin. 

Terry began his research in 1989 to preserve as many stories and memories of what life was like living in Dublin’s tenements and so, with the help of Ben Savage, Terry published a book called “Memories”. This book was in high demand and led them to publish four more books. 

During this short film Terry talks to people who lived in these tenements and hears their stories of poverty, overcrowding, pawning and most of all relying on each other. 

This is gentle and deeply touching film, weaving true testimonies and memories with wonderful old black and white photographs and film footage. The interviews with real Dublin people are powerful and evocative and the footage of the destruction of old Dublin makes one reflect upon the vital importance of a person’s sense of belonging to a place and a community in a city life, even today. 

Directed by Eve Morrison. ‘The North Inner City Folklore Project’ was first featured as part of Loopline Film’s book series ‘Imprint’ for RTE. The film is now housed in The Loopline Collection at the Irish Film Institute.