Artists’ Corner: Paddy Jordan

Over the past few weeks we have brought you some stunning pictures which the great photographer Paddy Jordan took in Ireland. Today we bring a photo which Paddy took further afield. This is what Paddy says about his image.. 

‘Classroom, Ethiopia’

‘This photo was taken in 2010 at a school in a little rural village in Southern Ethiopia. I was there filming for the charity Orbis who train local doctors to perform life saving eye operations for patients with trachoma and related conditions. We were visiting the charity’s programme in the village and went in to visit the children in the local school. You can see the teacher’s hand in the top left frame and most of the kids are looking his way but I love the gentle stare that the child on the bottom right of frame is giving’.   Paddy Jordan  

If you would like to purchase any of Paddy’s photographs contact him on info@paddyjordan.com

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