Artist Corner: Paddy Jordan

Last week we brought you a powerful photograph which Ireland’s great photographer Paddy Jordan took in Ethiopia. This week we bring you another one of his stunning photographs, which was taken in Haiti. This is what Paddy Says about his image:

One Year After the Earthquake

This photo was taken in Port-au-Prince, the capital city of Haiti in 2011, exactly one year after the disastrous earthquake had struck. I was filming for a charity and we went to the destroyed cathedral to attend an emotional service to mark the anniversary. As the bell struck at the exact time, people cried, prayed and sang as they remembered the natural disaster that had killed so many people and destroyed what was an already poor city. I was struck how this little girl was sitting a little bored and maybe oblivious to events as her mother and others were praying above her. 

If you would like to purchase any of Paddy Jordan’s photographs contact him on info@paddyjordan.com. All of the previous photos of Paddy’s which we posted are still available to see on the ICC.