Music: Trailer – The ICC Seisiúns – First Four Concerts

The ICC Seisiúns: Trailer - First Four Concerts

THE ICC SEISIÚNS’ were filmed at The Irish Cultural Centre over a period of one week in August 2020, in a Covid-19 secure environment. The aim of the project was to give a platform to those London based Irish musicians who regularly play at the ICC and have over many years helped to establish it as ‘The Home of Irish Culture.’ Because all of the musicians have, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, lost their means of income, the ICC endeavoured to create a project that would help to pay and support them.

The line-up for ‘The ICC Seisiúns’ stars some of the very best Irish musicians based in London. Our first four concerts in the series features Tad Sargent, Michael Sweeney, Mick O'Connor, James Patrick Gavin, Tim Fairhall, Philippe and Ali Barnes and Hannah Jackson.