Music: Trailer – James Patrick Gavin and Tim Fairhall – Culture Night

The ICC Seisiúns: Trailer - James Patrick Gavin and Tim Fairhall

Get ready for this coming Friday September 18th, when we will bring you the second concert in our series The ICC Seisiúns”!  Yes the exhilarating, energising, eclectic duo, James Patrick Gavin, (on fiddle) and Tim Fairhall (on double bass) will play for you a stunning 15 minute performance. Acclaimed for fusing fast and fabulous Irish Trad with ambient Jazz, this concert will without doubt make you hunger for more!  Their unique and riveting performance is the only UK entry to be selected for Ireland’s ‘Culture Night’ – which is happening on Friday and celebrates talent, creativity and diversity in the arts, across Ireland.  https://culturenight.ie/