Music: Trailer – The Connollys

The ICC Seisiúns: Trailer - The Connollys

Coming this Friday October 9th in our series “The ICC Seisiúns” we are proud to present the amazing Irish Trad family band, ‘The Connollys’. Featuring maestro of the accordion, Gary Connolly with his wife, the amazing fiddle player, Teresa Connolly, along with their two children, the gifted multi-instrumentalists and both ‘All Ireland Champions’, Ben Connolly (age 16) and Ella Connolly (age 13). 

Having grown up in London playing Irish music at Sessions and Ceili’s, Gary Connolly and Teresa Connolly have both been at the beating heart of London’s Irish trad music scene for many decades. In this concert you will witness how they, as parents, have so sensitively and beautifully passed the music onto their children. In this film you will see them in conversation and in performance. It’s inspirational to watch and the music is sublime. Enjoy!