Trailer: Lecture – Ivan Gibbons – Government of Ireland Act

The Irish Cultural Centre is delighted to announce that, this week, a member of our Board of Trustees, Ivan Gibbons, launches his new book “Partition - How and Why Ireland was Divided” published by Haus Publishing.

Peter Hain, former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland describes the book as ‘A must-read to understand why the Irish Border continues to cast such a jagged shadow over the island of Ireland, from party politics to implementing Brexit.’

In December ICC Digital will proudly present a lecture by Ivan Gibbons on, ‘The Government of Ireland Act’. The lecture was recently filmed in the ICC and here is a sneak preview.

About the Book: “Partition - How and Why Ireland was Divided” - By Ivan Gibbons.

A hundred years ago, Ireland was partitioned into a unionist north and a nationalist south. What began as an expedient and temporary political device to resolve conflicting tensions inside the United Kingdom was to become a permanent international frontier between two sovereign states, and Britain’s only land border with the European Union. The passion and emotion felt about partition has not dissipated in the intervening century; it is as controversial now as it was then. To mark the centenary, this concise introductory history explains why Ireland was partitioned and how the two states on the island were created.

IVAN GIBBONS is a lecturer in Modern Irish and British history specialising in the relationship between the British Labour Party and Ireland. He was lecturer and MA and BA Programme Director in Irish Studies at St Mary’s University. He is currently a member of The Board of Directors for The Irish Cultural Centre in Hammersmith. Among his publications are The British Labour Party and the Establishment of the Irish Free State (2015) and Drawing the Line: The Irish Border in British Politics (2018).

Ivan’s book costs £12.99 but viewers of ICC Digital will get a 25% discount if you use this link below and discount code IRELAND2020