Film: Fiona Quilligan – Duet

If you look at the history of Modern Dance in Ireland one name always at the forefront is the award-winning choreographer Fiona Quilligan

Last June ICC Digital presented Fiona’s evocative and powerful work, ‘Mid-Summer Solstice COVID Dances’, which she created in response to COVID 19. Now ICC Digital presents Fiona’s latest work ‘Duet’.

The dance is set in Dublin’s Iveagh Gardens, among trees that form a natural amphitheatre. Fiona says in this piece “the dancers explore the joy of dancing in autumnal light prior to the 2nd lockdown in November. Contemplations of our need for a more protective relationship with nature and the environment around us echo in ‘Duet’.

Throughout 2020 I worked closely with Anderson de Souza and Olwen Grindley in continuing to create dances during Covid. I am grateful to composer Tom Adams for the three tracks in Duet - Reaction to dancing, Berlin 2am, Particle V1 Light and Shadow - aptly named as the dancers are illuminated as they pass through the shadows cast by the branches of these beautiful trees at the Iveagh Gardens”. 

About Fiona Quilligan

Born in Dublin, Fiona Quilligan trained at the London School of Contemporary Dance and from 1982-86 performed with Dublin City Ballet. In 1986, she founded Rubato Ballet, creating original works for which the company received high acclaim, the Nijinsky medal from Warsaw and AIB Better Ireland Award in Arts and Culture. In 2014 Fiona received an MA in performance from the University of Limerick and she is also a founding member of Dance Ireland.

Fiona Quilligan was recently made a member of ‘Aosdana’ because she is regarded as an artist whose original work has made an outstanding contribution to dance in Ireland.Fiona’s ‘Mid-Summer Solstice COVID Dances’, is also available to view on ICC Digital.