Music: Trailer – Jacquelyn Hynes

The ICC Seisiúns: Trailer - Jacquelyn Hynes

Today we are delighted to bring you a sneak preview of the next concert in our film series “The ICC Seisiúns” featuring the gifted singer and multi-talented instrumentalist Jacquelyn Hynes. 

In the run up to Christmas, Jacquelyn performs for you an exquisite seasonal and nostalgic concert, in which she unashamedly rediscovers and sings lost songs of old Irish days gone by. 

In this preview you can see Jacquelyn perform her own version of the famous song from the 1950’s, which was recorded by both Delia Murphy and Joseph Locke, ‘If I were a Blackbird’.

As many of you will know Jacquelyn is also a breathtaking flute and whistle player and she is one of our great music tutors here at the ICC. 

Get ready to watch her full concert coming to you this Friday December 11th