Music: Trailer – Carolyn Holt

The ICC Seisiúns: Trailer - Carolyn Holt

Today we are delighted to bring you a sneak preview of the final concert before Christmas in our film series “The ICC Seisiúns” and it’s a wonderful, seasonal gift - the glorious, award-winning opera singer Carolyn Holt, accompanied by the pianist Paul McKenzie. 

Born in County Kildare, Carolyn, a mezzo- soprano, has been singing since the age of 15. Watch her performing her dazzling interpretation of ‘The Mother’, a poem written by Padriac Pearse, adapted for song by T.C Kelly.

Get ready to watch Carolyn’s full concert coming to you this Friday, December 18th. Get dressed up for the Opera, sit back and enjoy Carolyn’s astounding and wonderful performance.    

We would like to thank Patrick Lennon and Irish Heritage for arranging Carolyn Holt to appear in our film series “The ICC Seisiúns”.Irish Heritage is a unique Irish performing arts organisation in Britain dedicated to helping the crème de la crème of young Irish musicians and composers in the early part of their careers.