Book Corner: Turtle Bunbury

‘Ireland’s Forgotten Past’ by Turtle Bunbury is published by Thames & Hudson and comprises 36 stories spanning the length of Irish history. It begins with the birth of the Atlantic Ocean and the collapse of a massive volcano on the Louth-Armagh border, and then gallops through the millennia and centuries covering everything from Neolithic astrologers and Bronze Age copper miners to Georgian dandies,  the Night of the Big Wind and the eminent Irish sculptor John Henry Foley, responsible for both the Daniel O’Connell monument in Dublin and the Albert statue at the Albert Memorial in London. The book was hailed by Sebastian Barry in The Guardian as ‘a stirring atlas of Irishness’ while BBC History Magazine applauded it as ‘magnificently eclectic … Bunbury is a skilled storyteller who carries his learning lightly and his readers with him’. The Yorkshire Times concurred: ‘A rare and cherishable thing: combining assiduous research with a nose for ribald fun, Bunbury disinters the odd, the arcane and the profoundly surprising from the dark recesses of a mostly unknown history’.
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Author Turtle Bunbury