Book Corner: Pat McCabe

Playwright and Novelist Patrick McCabe is acclaimed as one of Ireland’s greatest writers. Known for his mostly dark and violent novels set in contemporary (often small-town) Ireland, McCabe is a wholly original voice, whose effect on Irish fiction and the Irish literary world has been compared to ‘the impact The Sex Pistols’ ‘Never Mind the Bollocks’ had on popular music’.

McCabe has so far published 13 novels, among them ‘The Butcher Boy’ (1992) and’ Breakfast on Pluto’ (1998), both of which were shortlisted for the Booker Prize and both were made into award winning feature films, directed by Neil Jordan.

Now McCabe is in the process of publishing his 14th novel, ‘Poguemahone’ – Gaelic for “kiss my arse” – It is billed as his biggest and most ambitious book to date, “a wild, 600-page ballad, narrated in a kind of free verse monologue by Dan Fogarty, an Irishman living in England, who is looking after his sister Una, now 70 and suffering from dementia in a care home in Margate”.

An audacious and magnificent piece of art, Poguemahone’ is a huge shape-shifting epic of the Irish in England, steeped in music and folklore, crammed with characters, both real and imagined, on a scale McCabe has never attempted before.

What is unusual about ‘Poguemahone’ is that McCabe is not publishing the book through conventional routes, but instead it is being published through the crowdfunding publisher UNBOUND. 

McCabe’s agent, Marianne Gunn O’Connor, said: “When Pat delivered Poguemahone, a genie in a bottle of a book, I knew we needed a publisher with outside-the-box vision, and with the imagination to give this the platform it so deserves, and that publisher is John Mitchinson of Unbound.”

So here is the LINK for all of you to pledge to buy McCabe’s ‘Poguemahone’.

It’s a chance for you to support one of Ireland’s greatest writers – it’s a chance for you to get a first edition, a signed copy, or even a signed copy with your own name printed in it. Don’t hesitate to buy it, as this book is a masterpiece; you will be investing in art, as it will certainly become a collectors’ item. So BUY NOW!!! 

Listen to the author reading from his new book:

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