Short Film: The Long Way Round

The intangibility of elsewhere.

“In The Long Way Round by Jacqueline Heeley & Philippe Faujas, a sense of otherworldliness is crafted through a melancholy black and white evocation of distance, a blurry flurry of sense impressions. A poignant narrative of leaving and staying, memory and loss, threads its way throughout. Traversing indeterminate landscapes, through blurs of lights and rain, figures seen, often off-guard, through rain-soaked windows. The effect is to distance us, as if the viewer and maker are always one step removed, strangely absent and voyeuristic, experiencing this reality through another lens, another place, and never quite able to enter into the actuality of the now. As artists, coming from different parts of the world and having lived between countries, they question any notion of belonging, “Can you belong? And even, is it essential?” they ask. Belonging here carries with it the connotation of control. To belong to somewhere is also to abide by its rules, to be subject to outwardly imposed strictures of behaviour. In its point of view, The Long Way Round embodies a sense of not belonging while leading the viewer into a visceral perceptual experience of displacement. The film rejects positions of fixity or clarity in favour of a turning outward of the messy, blurry in-between space of transitional experience.”

Text by Richard Ashrowan, Curator in Residence for. MExIndex 2020 – Displacements




Today the ICC is delighted to bring you a short film by two of Ireland’s great experimental filmmakers, Jacqueline Heeley & Philippe Faujas, whose films have been shown around the world in festivals and galleries. ‘The Long Way Round’ was recently awarded an Honorary Jury Mention at the Moscow Now & After 2020 Video Art Festival.