Lecture: The War of Independence in the North – Jonathan Moore

This lecture by Jonathan Moore considers Ulster in the Irish war of Independence. Ulster was the only province in Ireland where there was a majority who wanted to stay in the United Kingdom. How did the unionists respond to the escalating violence in Ireland? Were there differences in attitudes between urban and rural Ulster? How well did the IRA manage to function in this very hostile environment? There will be analysis of the key role of constitutional nationalism which was stronger in Ulster than in other parts of Ireland. Issues of class and gender will be analysed.

About Jonathan Moore

Jonathan Moore has lectured and published on Irish history and politics for over forty years. He lectured at a number of universities and colleges but primarily at London Metropolitan University. He has published in the Guardian, The Scotsman, Fortnight, Linen Hall Review, Books Ireland, Irish Studies in Britain, The Irish Post and others. He has contributed chapters to a number of books. He has been a regular broadcaster on TV and radio for the BBC, CNN, NBC, Sky News, Al Jazeera and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.