Introducing Near FM presenter Donie Tarrant

Over the past months many of you will have heard the warm and wonderful voice of Near FM’s presenter Donie Tarrant interviewing the musicians who’ve been featured in the ICC’s weekly radio show ‘Bright Side Of The Road’. 

County Corkman, Donie, is one of the key presenters at Dublin’s most exciting Independent Radio Station Near FM. All of his interviews with the musicians who’ve been featured in ‘Bright Side Of The Road’ are full of heart, joy and enthusiasm. He puts all of his guests at ease and manages to get the very best out of each and every one of them and they have all said what a pure delight it has been to have been interviewed by him. 

Donie has a huge love for Irish traditional music and all kinds of other genres. He’s also a great community man and also a major GAA man – and he says he can’t wait to visit the ICC when we are back up and running! 

His exciting and fervent interviews about the ICC and its radio show are a complete delight to listen to. We want to thank Donie and all of the team at NEAR FM Dublin for their support and promotion of the ICC and ‘Bright Side Of The Road’.

If you would like to listen to any of Donie’s interviews please visit our Radio page.

‘Bright Side Of The Road’ is on NEAR FM (90.3) every Wednesday evening at 11.30pm. You can find and listen to any of the previous episodes here.