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Local Community Aid Network

Dear ICC Patrons,

Hammersmith & Fulham have launched a volunteer community aid network to assist vulnerable residents.

H&F Community Aid NetworkIf you’re local and would like to volunteer or are looking for some extra support, please click here for details.


Irish Elderly Advice Network

The Irish Elderly Advice Network was founded in 1993.

In the years since, the Irish Elderly Advice Network has been hugely successful in empowering and supporting older Irish people; in tackling isolation and providing friendship and solidarity; in ensuring people have all the benefits and help they are entitled to; in helping people move back to Ireland safely; in helping people to live out their old age in dignity and comfort; and in campaigning for changes and improvements for older Irish people.

They are currently putting together a shopping network for those most in need.


Margaret or Nora


0207 428 0471 (10am to 5pm)




 Coronavirus: helpful resources for our community’s health and wellbeing

Take a look at the Irish in Britain website for some useful resources to support your wellbeing in these challenging times.

Articles cover a range of topics and include:

Struggling to work from home?

How do you take care of your mental health?

Wondering how to stay connected during social distancing?