‘A Club of their Own’: Literary Coteries and the Irish Women Writers’ Club (1933-1958) – Dr Deirdre Brady

ICC Literary & Cultural Lecture Series

Summary: The mid-twentieth century was a difficult time to be a writer, particularly for women writers.  Yet for over twenty-five years, a group of pioneering writers found ways to circumvent this. They challenged patriarchy, conservatism, and restrictions to creative freedoms, by creating a separate club of their own, The Women Writers’ Club. This lecture recounts their story, their creative lives, the books they wrote, the prizes they won, the political campaigns they fought and the supportive networks and friendships they fostered within the club.

 Biography: Dr. Deirdre Brady currently lectures at the University of Limerick and M.I.C. Thurles. Her research expertise is in Irish literary studies, women in publishing, private presses and women’s literary networks during the mid-twentieth century. Her publications are included in international journals such as The New Hibernia Review, Estudios Irlandeses, Irish Migration Studies in Latin America, Bibliologica, M.A.P.P., and The Irish Times. Deirdre’s  recent book entitled Literary Coteries and the Irish Women Writers Club (1933-1958) is published by Liverpool University (2021).

Wed 06 April 2022


Tickets: £5