Let’s raise a toast to Jimmy Joyce at 7.30pm on February 2nd ! Why? Because it’s James Joyce’s birthday and it’s also the 100th Anniversary of the publication of one of the world’s most amazing books, which at the time rocked, shifted and changed the entire course of  literature and writing throughout the world.

Yes ‘Ulysses’ was published one hundred years ago, on February 2nd 1922, on James Joyce’s 40th Birthday!

So join us in the ICC’s Foyer Bar for a celebration, to mark these two very special occasions!

Come along and join actors Frank Grimes, Veronica Quilligan, Kait Feeney and the Poet Niall McDevitt, to hear them reading some prose, poems and words by the great man himself.

And if you would like to join in the party, well why don’t you just come along and if you dare, bring some words by Joyce to read. Or come along and sing a Dublin song, recite a poem in honour of Jimmy Joyce, or play a tune, and just take the floor.

Or just come along to watch, listen and to raise a toast to one of the most amazing Irishmen, who was, for sure, years, decades and centuries… way, way, way ahead of his time, yes Mr JAMES JOYCE, who wrote the ground breaking novel 100 years ago –  ‘ULYSSES’

Wed 02 February - Wed 02 February 2022

Starts 7.30pm