Into The Spotlight: An Exploration of Irish-Language Film and Music

This day of talks from leading experts will explore various facets of modern Irish-language media, from the diverse world of Irish popular music to the rise and rise of the Irish film industry.

The last few years have seen a flourishing of Irish-language music, television and film. From the international attention won by Irish rap group Kneecap to the first ever Oscar nomination for an Irish-language movie (An Cailín Ciúin in 2023), it is clear that Irish media is popular as never before.


There is no need to know any Irish to attend – all are welcome!

Talks will be in English or any Irish elements will be translated.

Sat 13 July - Sat 13 July 2024

11:30 AM

Tickets: £7


11:30           Welcome and Introduction to the Day

11:46           Tríona Ní Shíocháin – ‘Popular music in the Irish language from Black Metal to Rap’

12:15            Cian Mac Cárthaigh – ‘Ceol i nGaeilge / Music in Irish – The Future’

13:00            Lunch

13:45            Readings from Irish Students of the Irish Cultural Centre

14:00           Alan Esslemont – ‘TG4 & Cine4 – Shifting Attitudes’

14:30           Carrie Crowley – ‘The Right Socket, nó An Soicéad Ceart’

15:15           Closing Remarks, followed by music and drinks


Carrie Crowley

Carrie Crowley is an actor, best known to international audiences for her role in the Oscar-nominated film An Cailín Ciúin, which earned her a Best Supporting Actress IFTA nomination. An acclaimed Gaeilgeoir and former radio and television presenter, she has a versatile career in Irish media. Born in Waterford, Carrie began her broadcasting career on local radio before moving to RTÉ, where she hosted various shows including the Eurovision Song Contest in 1997 alongside Ronan Keating. Her acting credits span popular series such as The Clinic, School Run, and Vikings. Passionate about Irish culture and language, Carrie continues to be a significant figure in Irish media. At our Irish Language Day, Carrie will present the talk “The Right Socket, nó An Soicéad Ceart.



Alan Esslemont

Alan Esslemont the Director General of TG4, Ireland’s national Irish-language TV station, and the driving force behind Cine4, which develops original Irish-language feature films. With a rich background in broadcasting and a key role in the re-launch of TnaG as TG4, Alan has significantly influenced Irish-language media. At our event, he will present the talk “TG4 & Cine4 – Shifting Attitudes,” exploring new attitudes and perceptions towards the Irish language.



Cian Mac Cárthaigh

Cian Mac Cárthaigh is a prominent TV presenter, producer, and the founder of Dublin-based musical collective IMLÉ. Passionate about promoting Irish-language music, Cian has been instrumental in showcasing diverse musical talents within the Irish-speaking community. At our event, he will share insights in his talk “Ceol i nGaeilge / Music in Irish – The Future,” exploring the evolving landscape and future directions of music in the Irish language.




Tríona Ní Shíocháin

Tríona Ní Shíocháin is Professor of Modern Irish and Performing Arts at Maynooth University, specialising in Irish-language poetry, oral tradition, and popular song. An interdisciplinary scholar and performer, she explores the intersections of music and Irish culture, with a focus on traditional arts and creative practices. Tríona’s research spans Irish-language literature, women poet-composers, and the historical development of Irish song and poetry. At our event, she will delve into “Popular music in the Irish language from Black Metal to Rap,” shedding light on the vibrant spectrum of Irish-language music.



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