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Poitín (1978, Directed By Bob Quinn): preceded by the Irish Language Short Film “Oidhche Sheanchais” Directed By Robert J. Flaherty.

Scannán - A Focus On The Phenomenal Success of Irish Language Films in Global Cinema

“Poitín” – A Film/ Drama in the Irish Language. 1978. Run time: 65 mins

with subtitles

As part of our three day season “Scannán – A Focus On The Phenomenal Success of Irish Language Films in Global Cinema” the ICC proudly presents the veteran Director Bob Quinn’s, renowned film “Poitín” which made history when it was the very first feature film ever to be made in The Irish Language!

A sometimes hilarious story about two poteen agents, Labhrás (Donal McCann) and Sleamhnan (Niall Tóibín), who steal their confiscated goods back from the Gardaí and cheat their elderly poteen-maker, Micíl (Cyril Cusack) out of his share of the money.

Shot entirely in Connemara, County Galway, set against a desolate background, Quinn’s raw and grim depiction of Irish rural life and living generated outrage when it was first screened in 1979. Images of stupidity and cruelty dominate this defiantly unsentimental film that, even today, retains its power to act as a riposte to idealisations of Ireland. Alongside the stars of the film , McCann, Toibin and Cusack, who were some of Ireland’s finest actors, the cast includes a whole host of local people, all Irish speakers, which adds to the film’s authenticity.  This a rare chance to see this film up on the big screen – Don’t miss out!

Directed by Bob Quinn. Written by Colm Bairéad. Produced by Cinegael.

Cast Includes Donal McCann, Mick Lally, Niall Toibin and Cyril Cusack.

Before the screening of “Poitín” there will be a special screening of the sublime Irish Language Short Film ‘Oidhche Sheanchais’ (A Night Of Storytelling). Made in 1935 and Directed by Robert J. Flaherty, it was produced during a sound recording session for his more famous docu-fiction film ‘Man of Aran’. the film was lost in the archvies for decades, it was only recently discovered and it is now noted as the first Irish language sync sound film. It is 11minutues long


Sat 07 May - Sat 07 May 2022


Tickets: £5

Watch clips from Bob Quinn’s ‘Poitín’ here: