“Abortion Protest” – Dublin; A Photograph By Eugene Finn

8th March 2022, 12am

Today in our ‘Artist’s Corner’ ICC Digital brings you the fourth image in our gallery of six, taken by the talented Dublin based Street Photographer Eugene Finn.

We are so delighted to bring you this powerful image ‘Abortion Protest – Dublin’, specially today on March 8th on INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY 2022. In this photograph Finn so wonderfully captures and celebrates the defiance, strength and determination of  all the Irish women who fought so hard and campaigned for so long for women’s liberalisation and they finally won, by over-turning the eighth amendment of the abortion referendum in May 2018.

Once again Finn demonstrates here, his unique eye and intuitive gift as a street photographer and he brilliantly captures this unforgettable moment of old Catholic Ireland struggling against the new ways, in a fast shifting time of change.

About Eugene Finn

Dublin based Eugene Finn is a Film/TV/Photo Archivist with an MA in Film History/Archiving from the University of East Anglia. He has worked at the British Film Institute, the Northern Ireland Film & TV Commission and the Irish Film Institute. He also has a personal interest in street photography. The photographs which ICC Digital will  feature over the next six weeks are from a project Finn carried out on the streets of Dublin in 2015 called ‘City@1/125s’.

If you would lie to buy any original photographs or photographic prints by Eugene Finn contact  [email protected]