‘James Joyce – Reluctant Groom’

8th July 2020, 12am

Today to mark BLOOMSDAY 2021 we bring you another gem of a film ‘James Joyce Reluctant Groom’ also made by Loopline and directed by Ireland’s acclaimed director Sé Merry Doyle.

James Joyce Reluctant Groom’ tells the extraordinary story of how after living together for almost three decades James Joyce married Nora Barnacle in London on 4 July 1931.

The Irish poet, Niall McDevitt, takes us on a London-based Bloomsday walk, stopping at the houses of people who were closely connected with Joyce and his career. One of them, Wyndham Lewis, coined the phrase  ‘the Men of 1914’ to describe himself, Joyce, T.S. Eliot and Ezra Pound.
A highlight of the film is when Niall takes us to the house where James and Nora lived for the best part of a year, on Camden Grove. James and Nora’s children, Giorgio and Lucia came to visit and so did the paparazzi, seeking out a good story. There was high drama with the press when the wedding day arrived and Nora and James arrived at Kensington Registry Office.

This thirty minute poetic documentary is a rollercoaster ride through the lives of some of the giants of twentieth century literature. Watch it now, as it will only be available to view for a limited period

Niall McDevitt is the author of three collections of poetry, b/w (Waterloo Press, 2010), Porterloo (International Times, 2013) and Firing Slits, Jerusalem Colportage (New River Press, 2016).

Directed Filmed & Edited by Sé Merry Doyle Produced by Rosalind Scanlon

The film has it’s World Premiere on ICC Digital in July 2020