‘I Could Read The Sky – Revisited’. A Literary Reading by Timothy O’Grady

2nd April 2021, 12am

A Literary Reading by Timothy O�Grady

Captured in a Film, Directed by Sé Merry Doyle

Featuring Stunning Photographs by Photographer Steve Pyke

Music by Irish Fiddler James Patrick Gavin with Bass-Player Tim Fairhall

‘I Could Read The Sky’ a novel written in the year 1995, by Chicago born writer Timothy O’Grady, tells of one man’s journey from the West of Ireland to the pubs and boxing-booths and building sites of England. Then, at the century’s end, he finds himself alone, looking back, struggling to make sense of a life of unforgotten loveliness and loss. Exploring themes of love, dislocation and yearning, with stark, clear prose and stunning photographs by Steve Pyke, this novel explores the experience of Irish emigration as never before.

Having received huge acclaim upon its publication in 1997, now 25 years later Timothy O’Grady revisits his book, to do this special Literary Reading for ICC DIGITAL.

This sublime (17minute) film is directed by Ireland’s great documentary film-maker Sé Merry Doyle. With some of Steve Pyke’s richly atmospheric images, combined with the lyrical and poetic voice of novelist Timothy O’Grady and the powerful music composed by young Irish fiddler James Patrick Gavin, culminates to bring the viewer an extraordinary deep immersive experience.

Timothy O’Grady was born and raised in Chicago and spent many years living in Donegal, Dublin and London. He currently lives in Poland. He is the author of four works of non-fiction and three novels. His novel ‘Motherland’ won the David Higham award for the best first novel in 1989. I Could Read the Sky, won the Encore Award for best second novel of 1997. It was made into a feature film and also travelled as a stage show. His novel ‘Light’, was published in 2004. His non- fiction books Divine Magnetic Lands was published in 2008 and’Children of Las Vegas’was published in 2016.

Steve Pyke is one of the most acclaimed photographers in Britain today. His work has been exhibited internationally and is featured regularly in’The Guardian’ and The Daily Telegraph.

The Book ‘I Could Read The Sky’ is available to buy on Amazon.