“Passing May Lane – Dublin”; A Photograph by Eugene Finn

22nd March 2022, 12am

Today in our ‘Artist’s Corner’ ICC Digital is delighted to bring you the sixth and final image by Dublin’s talented Street Photographer Eugene Finn. This poignant photograph “Passing May Lane – Dublin” captures three generations of Dubliners – Mother, Daughter and Grandchild. Finn captures the Grandmother and her daughter looking down  at the child in the pram, as if wondering what the future of the Dublin and the World  holds in store for them.

This is another example of Finn’s unique and sensitive eye and his intuitive gift as a street photographer. Below you can see all of the five previous photographs in Finn’s gallery: you can also view them in our Artists corner on ICC Digital.

About Eugene Finn

Dublin based Eugene Finn is a Film/TV/Photo Archivist with an MA in Film History/Archiving from the University of East Anglia. He has worked at the British Film Institute, the Northern Ireland Film & TV Commission and the Irish Film Institute. He also has a personal interest in street photography. The photographs which ICC Digital will feature over the next six weeks are from a project Finn carried out on the streets of Dublin in 2015 called ‘City@1/125s’.

If you would lie to buy any original photographs or photographic prints by Eugene Finn contact [email protected]