Story of a Lockdown Garden

12th August 2021, 12am

Today ICC Digital is delighted to present the Digital Premiere of a beautiful new short film “Story Of A Lockdown Garden”, directed by Dublin’s acclaimed film director Sé Merry Doyle. It tells the story of a retired couple John Waller and his wife Jannie and how their love for their garden in Richmond helps them get through lockdown.

John, the son of an Irishman who sailed with the writer and Irish nationalist Erskine Childers and founded ‘The Maltings’ in Banagher on the River Shannon, declares his love for his Irish roots and delights in the smell and colour of the Irish fuchsia’s, which he brough back all the way from a trip to Connemara!

Growing alongside them are plants from many of the couple’s trips around the world, the roses, azalea’s, the jasmine, along with Jannie’s soft fruits, the magnificent logs and trees, the towering Japanese Ashe and the Wisteria which has adorned their house for more than a century.

What emerges is a visually rich feast which stimulates all the senses. But this is not just a film about a garden, it’s a film about a retired couples love for each other, their strength and resilience and their love for their garden which is a beautiful metaphor for the celebration of their lives.