Art Exhibition:

A Film: “Padraic Fiacc – Poet Of The Troubles”

1st January 1970, 12am

For those of you who have recently come into the ICC, to see the Photographic Exhibition Poet Of The Troubles”, which opened here on April 29th, will know what an extraordinary exhibition it truly is.

“Poet of the Troubles” is the latest exhibition by Ireland’s internationally renowned photographer, John Minihan, who is known for taking photographs of Irish writers and for his acclaimed collection of images of his close friend, the writer Samuel Beckett.

In “Poet Of The Troubles”, which comprises of 27 powerful and penetrating images, Minihan pays homage to the memory of his friend, the late, great Northern Irish Poet, Padraic Fiacc.

Padráic Fiacc is now known as ‘the Poet who captured the darkness of the Troubles’ but throughout most of his career his stark poems based on his direct experiences in Northern Ireland were initially vilified for their intense depiction of urban violence and sectarianism. It wasn’t until much later in his life that Fiacc finally got the recognition he deserved, “as one of the bravest and rawest of the Northern Irish Poets”.

ICC is delighted to bring you this short film of some of the highlights of the opening night of this important exhibition. Directed and edited by Filmmaker Sé Merry Doyle, this film includes moments of John Minihan talking about his friend Padriac and it includes readings of some of Fiacc’s poems, by the gifted London based, Irish Poet Niall McDevitt.

After hearing a single poetry recitation by Niall McDevitt, John Minihan was struck by the power, connection, kinship and understanding that Niall McDevitt holds for Fiacc and his works, and so as a result of that one moment, John Minihan specially asked Niall to read Fiacc’s poems at the opening of this exhibition.

The Photographic Exhibition  “Padriac Fiacc – Poet Of The Troubles”  will continue to run here at the ICC until August 31st 2022 10am – 5pm. Please do come along.