Artist's Corner:

A photograph by Jacqueline Heeley: – ‘I was walking along the beach taking photographs..’.

23rd February 2021, 12am

Over the past three weeks, in our ‘Artists Corner’, we brought you stunning photographs in a collection from one of Ireland’s great female Photographers and Filmmakers, Jacqueline Heeley, and today we bring you another beautiful image from Jacqueline.Jacqueline says about her photo:

I was walking along the beach taking photographs. This man came along wheeling his bike over the sand. He left his bicycle on one side of the frame and walked over to the other side of the frame and took his binoculars out of his pocket. Thank you.

Jacqueline is a self-taught Photographer. She developed her eye as a street photographer in the mid 1990s while living in Dublin and continued this practice when she later moved to Barcelona.

Elaborating on the idea of evoking a story in a single frame, she started to make films based on her writings and still photography. From there, it was only natural for her to extend her practice to experimenting with moving pictures. To date, Jacqueline has filmed 14 self-funded films which she has co-directed and co-edited with the sound recordist Philippe Faujas.

Their films have been shown around the world in festivals and galleries and their latest film ‘The Long Way Round’ was recently awarded an Honorary Jury Mention at the Moscow Now & After 2020 Video Art Festival.

Jacqueline now lives in a small village on the west coast of Ireland. She is continually exploring how she can adapt her unique street photography techniques and style to a rural environment.

Over the coming weeks we will bring you three more photographs from Jacqueline’s Gallery. The three images which we previously posted are available to view on ICC Digital.