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A Special Screening of the film “HEAR MY SONG” launched the ICC’s New Cinema!

21st August 2021, 12am

On  Saturday August 21st, after 18 long months of Lockdown, the ICC re-opened it’s doors and launched it’s brand new 180 seater cinema  with a special sell-out screening of the film “Hear My Song’, which marked the 30th anniversary of the making of this award winning feature, which won several BAFTA’s and was nominated for an Academy Award.

The auditorium was jam packed, the whole place was buzzing and a great night was had by all! The screening of the film was rounded off by appearances  from  the stars  of  the film, including the star of the hit T.V. series ‘Line Of Duty’, Adrian Dunbar, (who plays young Mickey O’Neill in film); along with his co-star Tara Fitzgerald, (who plays Nancy Doyle); Joining them in a Q&A, led by Irish Film Historian Steve Martin, was the award winning composer John Altman, who wrote the film’s musical score.

The screening of ‘Hear My Song’ was just one event in the ICC’s special tribute weekend to the late, great and glorious Irish Tenor Singer JOSEF LOCK!

Over this magical weekend there was also a tribute concert, in which the Irish Tenor Singer Willie O’Brien sang the songs  of Josef Locke, accompanied on the piano by Jacquelyn Hynes.

On the ICC’s on-line platform  ‘ICC Digital’, Josef Locke’s biographer Nuala McAllister Hart gave a special talk about her book “Josef Locke- The People’s Tenor”

This special Tribute to Josef Locke was the first of it’s kind and one well over due to the great and gifted man. The idea for this tribute  weekend was conceived by Film Director Sé Merry Doyle and organised by the ICC’s ‘Cultural Director’ Rosalind Scanlon.

The outstanding success of the night put  a beaming smile on the face of the ICC’s Chairman Peter Power Hynes. Praise to the ICC’s Production Manager Gerry Logue, for his outstanding quality of sound, lighting and film projection and special commendation to the ICC’s Centre Manager, William Foote, who led and oversaw the upgrade and fit out of the ICC’s beautiful auditorium during lockdown.

The centre’s bar staff, led by Jude Hynes, the volunteers and all of the audiences were  all delighted that the venue was open, full of life and back up and running once again!!!