A Tribute to Bob Dylan – Pete Cummins

24th May 2021, 12am

Today ICC Digital is so delighted to present a very special tribute to Bob Dylan on his 80thBirthday, from Dublin’s  great Singer – Songwriter Pete Cummins.

Pete Cummins is best known as the frontman for the legendry Irish band ‘The Fleadh Cowboys’. Pete is also a great lover of Bob Dylan and when he performed there was more likely than not to be a few Dylan classics included in his set. The Fleadh Cowboys were the support act to Dylan in Dublin. In this 20 minute film Pete sings two Bob Dylan songs and tells the story of how Dylan invited the Fleadh Cowboys to be the first release on a new record label he was setting up. But there is a twist to the tale.

Singer-Songwriter Pete Cummins has been playing music since 1964 when he formed his first beat group The Circle with school friends He joined Granny Intentions in 1968 releasing one album High Ace to Heaven in 1970.

He has also  played with Donovan, Nanci Griffith, Townes Van Zandt, The Chieftains and formed The Fake with Freddie White in the 70’s.

In 1985 together with Johnny Moynihan and Frankie Lane, they formed the legendary Fleadh Cowboys who were phenomenally successful during the eighties and nineties, and recorded two albums, “High Ace to Heaven” and, Time of your Life.

Pete released three solo albums The Brilliant Architect in 2008 and Crooked Highway 2014 which includes No Profanity under the Roof a song inspired after a night of drinking with Townes Van Zandt and Flowers in Bagdad his lament for the Invasion of Iraq. His last release was Looking for the Magic a compilation double album of his recordings in 2017.