Concert – James Patrick Gavin and Tim Fairhall – Culture Night

25th September 2020, 12am

The awesome Irish fiddle player James Patrick Gavin, joins the gifted double-bass player Tim Fairhall, to bring you a stunning 15 minute, riveting performance.

Acclaimed for fusing fast and fabulous Irish Trad with ambient Jazz, this duo creates a unique and original sound which will make you hunger for more!

In this film you will see both James and Tim  in conversation and in performance

The documentary directed by Sé Merry Doyle of ‘Loopline Film’ captures the moment when the duo come back to play music together after having been in lockdown for five months. The emotion and joy in the film is palpable and the musicianship is top class.

This duo’s unique performance is the only UK entry to be selected for Ireland’s ‘Culture Night’ – which is happening on Friday and celebrates talent, creativity and diversity in the arts, across Ireland.

The purpose of this production is to shine a spotlight on London’s Irish musicians, who over the past 25 years have played at the ICC and have helped to make it ‘The Home of Irish Culture’. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, we have been profoundly mindful that so many of our local musicians have lost their livelihoods – and so as a way of reaching out to them, thanks to The Embassy of Ireland, GB and Ireland’s Department for Foreign Affairs, we were able to invite them to participate in this production.

ICC Digital will screen each performance from the series of the 14 concerts on consecutive Fridays from September 11th.