Songwriter, Tony Trundle.

13th May 2021, 12am

Today, all the way from beautiful Kinvara in County Galway, ICC Digital is delighted to bring you a wonderful short film featuring the Irish Songwriter, Tony Trundle.  Tony says  the ideas for his songs are like, ‘getting on the bus and ending up somewhere totally different’, a bit like his musical journey. Tony left Newry, in Northern  Ireland, in his 20’s, spending many years in Manchester. He was a fiddle tutor for Salford University by day, and a rock and roll player by night. He played in many bands, including ‘Last Chicken in the Shop’, ‘The Lonesome and Penniless Cowboys’, ‘The Crocodiles’, and ‘Wild Blue Yonder’.Tony continued with his songwriting as he busked around Europe, playing in bands, tutoring and maintaining a little recording studio in Manchester. Eventually, he moved to Kinvara in the west of Ireland, where he continues to play and write songs.Tony says that the songs he writes and plays, ‘slip easily and lightly into one’s being. Expressive and engaging, storied bits of life, that have a warm relatability, like an old friend you forgot you knew and are pleased to meet again’.

In 2018, Joe Henry, a Grammy Award Winning Producer and Songwriter, heard Tony’s CD, “Winter Swimming”, and asked him to join his Irish Tour, calling him, “a heroically great unknown songwriter, whose work I profoundly respect.” The following year, Joe Henry invited Tony to join him on stage, in California, for the launch of Joe’s 2019 release of “Gospel According to Water”. Since then, Tony has recorded with him on his latest album which will be released later this year.

Tony has worked and recorded with many well known musicians, including Dermot Byrne, Floriane Blancke, Sean Tyrell, Mike McGoldrick, John Faulkner and Helen Watson.

Tony is currently working on a new collection of songs, titled “The Wishing Time”. His music can be found on and his website,