Artist's Corner:

“Outside Burger King – O’Connell Street” Dublin: A Photograph by Eugene Finn

15th February 2022, 12am

Today in our ‘Artist’s Corner’ ICC Digital is delighted to bring you the first of six images by the talented Dublin based Street Photographer Eugene Finn. This first photograph of a father and son ‘Outside Burger King, O’Connell Street’ reveals Finn’s unique eye and intuitive gift as a street photographer. Over the next six week we will present some of Finn’s images, which capture the real sense of working class Dublin and they’ll give you a glimpse of it’s streets, the warmth of it’s people, now in a time of change.

About Eugene Finn

Dublin based Eugene Finn is a Film/TV/Photo Archivist with an MA in Film History/Archiving from the University of East Anglia. He has worked at the British Film Institute, the Northern Ireland Film & TV Commission and the Irish Film Institute. He also has a personal interest in street photography. The photographs which ICC Digital will  feature over the next six weeks are from a project Finn carried out on the streets of Dublin in 2015 called ‘City@1/125s’.