Artist's Corner:

Tom Byrne’s Gallery

10th February 2022, 11am

Throughout December 2021 and January 2022, in our ‘Artists Corner’, ICC Digital was delighted to bring you eight paintings from the magnificent gallery of Ireland’s great Painter Tom Byrne. Very soon we will be presenting a new gallery of images from another artist, but before we do that, we would like to give you the chance to look back at all of Tom Byrne’s rich and vibrant portraits of some of Ireland’s greatest Irish Writers.

It has been an absolute pleasure to present Tom’s work. All of the eight portraits we exhibited came to ICC Digital courtesy of Dublin’s wonderful DUKE STREET GALLERY, who represent Tom Byrne.

Tom Byrne is highly regarded as one of the hottest painters In Ireland. He is a widely collected, world renowned artist; his work examines the beauty and glamour of Irish culture with equal parts starry-eyed wonderment, brutal honesty and aspirational longing.”

The “Duke Street Gallery”. is housed in an early 1700’s historic Dutch Billy House, at 17 Duke Street, in the heart of Dublin city, The Duke Street Gallery has been home to many artists, musicians, poets and writers over the years. Previous exhibitors of John Lennon and Ronnie Wood, the gallery holds an eclectic collection of paintings from both young and contemporary to established and international artists alike.

Tom Byrne has exhibited at ‘Duke Street Gallery’ many times; here’s what the Director of the Gallery, Pamela Byrne, says about Tom and his work…

Tom Byrne: Irish Writers Series

Given the centrality of the Duke Street Gallery as it rests in the heart of Dublin’s city centre, it seems particularly fitting that Tom Byrne has gifted us with so many outstanding images of our world-renowned Irish writers. Dublin’s streets are imprinted with the memories and stories of these great artists; they are part of the architecture of the city itself.

A voracious reader, Tom’s involvement in the arts led him to an unceasing study of Joyce, Yeats, Beckett, Behan, Heaney, Friel and others. Doing so brought forth interpretations and reinterpretations that both trace their familiar images and afford us the opportunity to look again and see a newness in the familiarity.

If you would like to buy any of Tom’s prints or paintings, contact Pamela Byrne at The Duke Street Gallery in Dublin.


Twitter:  @DukeStGallery