4th August 2021, 12am

Today, in our ‘Out Of The Blue Corner’ ICC Digital is delighted to showcase the new single from the amazing and gifted trio, TRÚ. Hailing from Northern Ireland, they are fast making headway on the music scene! This is their new single REBEL SONG, taken from our debut album ‘No Fixed Abode’: Both the single and their album  is available to buy on

About TRÚ

The trú was a mythological trio of poet-musicians in ancient Ulster. They were revered throughout ancient Ireland, some believing their songs and stories came to them from the future. Others maintained that the trú were possessed by spirits during performance. As such, they were considered gatekeepers to the Otherworld.

It’s here where this talented trio ‘TRÚ’ draw their inspiration. The band’s song selection relies on the melodic and lyrical calibre of songs that stand the test of time. With contemporaries like Ye Vagabonds, Lankum and Lisa O´Neill, there is a sense that these old songs are inspiring something that will last.

Trú are Dónal Kearney, Zach Trouton and Michael Mormecha. All three of them are seasoned artists in their own right, united by a passionate appreciation of the material they perform. Their mesmerising live show has exposed TRÚ’s performance skills, the craft of their arrangements and the sheer power of their storytelling. There is nothing traditional about TRÚ except the songs themselves.


”A distinctive, atmospheric debut” The Guardia

“Absolutely amazing!” Moya Brennan, Clannad

”Right on the edge, where folk meets the rest.” – David Lyttle, MOBO Award nominee

”Powerful and moving.” Tommy Sands, Folk legend