Willie O’Brien – Josef Locke Recital

27th August 2021, 12am

Those of you who came to the afternoon concert last Saturday, starring WILLIE O BRIEN, Singing the Songs of Josef Locke, (as part of the ICC’s ‘Josef Locke Tribute Weekend’), will know just how heart-warming and charming that concert truly was!

So here is a real treat for you – a 20-minute film capturing highlights from that concert, directed by filmmaker Sé Merry Doyle.

Willie was a builder who came over to London in the 1960’s and after working here for over four decades, he recently packed up and moved back to his hometown in County Limerick.

Many of you will remember Willie from the days when he lived in Hammersmith, and he’d come and sing at some of the ICC’s music sessions and he’d always astound everyone with his powerful and magnificent tenor voice.

So now at the age of 78, when Willie agreed to come over from Ireland, especially to sing the songs of Josef Locke, we were all delighted!

So here he is, Willie O Brien, accompanied on piano by the very gifted musician (and flute tutor here at the ICC), Jacquelyn Hynes. Enjoy!!!