"Around the Fire" Storytelling evening with Kate Corkery - "The turning of the year"

"Around the Fire" storytelling evening, "The Turning of the Year" with our resident storyteller Kate Corkery.

Friday 30 June 7.30pm
The Irish Cultural Centre, 5 Blacks Road, Hammersmith, W6 9DT
Cost: £7

‘The Turning of the Year’

Four amazing storyteller friends gather on a mid summer’s evening to tell tales of youth and age, love and loss. Come and join Xanthe Gresham, Anne Johnson, June Peters and Kate Corkery as they spin spellbinding stories of the Celtic goddesses, Brigit, Ceridwen, Morrigu and the Cailleach and explore the magic and mystery of life’s changing seasons.

Musical accompaniment by Michele Chowrimootoo

There will also be time to welcome short stories, songs, and poems in our open floor spot.

Entry £7
Concs: £5

All of these renowned professional tellers, as well as performing at far flung venues across the world, prioritize visiting local schools as part of a London wide charity known as’ Everyday Magic’- an association of artists that brings storytelling, art and music programmes to pupils and teachers in a classroom setting .In this way they are keen to leave a rich legacy of oral tradition to the next generation. Check out some of their inspiring educational projects www.everydaymagic.org.uk