Family show at the ICC - an afternoon of music, storytelling and shadow puppetry

Family Afternoon of stories, shadow puppetry and music by dynamic trio: Kate Corkery, Manju Gregory & Jacquelyn Hynes. Suitable for 4+.

24 June: 2.00pm

£5 Adults £3 Children
Family Ticket (£14 - 2 Adults/2 Children)

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Kate Corkery

Kate Corkery comes from Co. Cork. She is an Irish Storyteller with a background in language - teaching and performance. Before settling in the UK, Kate worked in France, Spain, Switzerland and Kenya, East Africa.

Over the years Kate has nurtured a varied repetoire of folktales, myths and legends drawn mainly from her native Irish tradition which she shares in 'FADO FADO' a programme for children. She also draws from her travels in a rich collection of 'TALES FROM HERE THERE AND EVERYWHERE'.

Kate is also member of Aos sceal na h'Eireann (Storytellers of Ireland) and has played a part in many of Ireland's international festivals. She is proud to have been featured in "Everlasting Voices"a CD selection of the best of contemporary Irish Storytellers. Kate is also part of our Schools Outreach Programme team.

Jacquelyn Hynes

Jacquelyn teaches flute & whistle at the Irish Cultural Centre. She is a talented multi-instrumentalist (piano, saxophone, Melodica, Uilleann pipes and Flute) who has composed music for The Gate, KAOS Theatre, Snap Theatre, The Arcola Theatre and Tyneside Irish Festival. She is Flute and Folk lecturer at Morley College and Flute Coach for the award-winning Hackney Music Development Trust. Jacquelyn also teaches Irish music as part of our Schools Outreach Programme.


Manju Gregory

Manju is a multidisciplinary artist. She runs Kabutar Arts (formerly Kabutar Shadow Theatre Co.) and uses animated shadows, paper crafting, illustration and the expression of malleable art to create stories in all aspects of life. She aims to make theatre happen anywhere whether it be in a display case or on an open stage.
Manju has worked considerably in education in inspiring children to create their own animated stories both with shadow images and other props. She teaches a number of craft activities including glass and textiles.
She first worked with Anna within Kabutar on educational projects, in museums and schools and in teacher's workshops and has since also been a participant in the creation of Indigo Moon's productions.