“The Dubliners” a drawing by Irish Artist Hilary Kavanagh

17th March 2023, 12am

To wish you a very Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 2023, we are delighted to bring you the second picture, (from her Gallery of five), by the Dublin Artist Hilary Kavanagh. Today’s image in our ‘Artist’s Corner’ is a pencil and charcoal drawing of the great Irish band “The Dubliners”!

Not only is Hilary Kavanagh a talented artist, but she is also a gifted musician and singer songwriter. Some of you will have seen her perform a few times, here at the ICC in the magnificent show “The Legend Of Luke Kelly”, for which her husband, Chris Kavanagh is the frontman (Luke Kelly).

Here is what Hilary says about her Art….

“I am a self taught pencil artist from Dublin & I started drawing as soon as I was able to hold a pencil!
Portraits are my speciality & I love drawing people’s faces, especially the eyes, which I feel really
capture the essence of a person.
As a musician myself, I enjoy drawing other musicians. Most of my drawings are of Irish musicians,
but I recently had the honour of gifting our President, Michael D Higgins & his wife Sabina, a portrait
I had drawn of them.
All of my work is in pencils & I have begun to use a little colour in some of my work also.
When I am not drawing, I can be found playing bass, writing songs, & singing”.

To Buy prints or original copies of Hilary’s Artworks.. you can find Hilary on…
Facebook: Hilary Kavanagh Art
Instagram: Hil Kavanagh
Email: [email protected]