History Lecture: Irish War of Independence – Records at The National Archives in Kew

The ICC is delighted to present this fascinating History Lecture and presentation by Michael Mahoney from The National Archives in Kew, London.    


Wed 08 November 2023

Doors: 6.45pm; Starts: 7pm

Tickets: £7 each OR £25 for the Series of X5 Lectures


Michael will give an introduction to the type of records on the Irish War of Independence, held at the National Archives. He will talk about the Court of Inquiry records, specifically referencing the trial of 18 year old Kevin Barry. He will also speak about the fake Irish Bulletin newssheet, produced by the British to combat Sinn Fein propaganda; and he will also refer to the missing file relating to the killing of Eileen Quinn from Gort, Galway.  Within the PowerPoint presentation Michael will share short sound clips from two audio plays on the subject, which the Outreach Department at Kew commissioned last year. 

Michael Mahoney is the Learning and Outreach Officer at The National Archives in Kew.  He undertakes research to find interesting stories which culminate in online resources, blogs and a variety of community projects which appeal to a diverse range of ethnic audiences.


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