Introduction to Creative Writing

Join poet and playwright Nathaniel Joseph McAuley in an introduction to creative writing, designed to help you explore the form that will fit your potential story best. Nathaniel will facilitate your exploration through the pros and cons of poetry, prose, stage and screen through a variety of creative writing exercises, discussions and workshops, in a safe and engaging learning environment.

Day 1 – Poetry

What is contemporary poetry and is it the same stuff you learned at school?

Storytelling through poetry, how does it differ from prose?

Day 2 – Prose 

Aristotle’s arc – how to structure your story

Short story vs long form prose, how to know when a story is done.

Day 3 – Playwriting 

Dialogue and set design

The psychology of theatre – Understanding audience

Day 4 – Screenwriting 

The script as instruction manual

Formatting and dialogue (or lack there of)

Day 5 – Final Workshop and Recital 

Mon 14 February - Fri 18 February 2022

10am - 12pm

Tickets: £100

Interested in Literature?

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