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The Early Films of Thaddeus O’Sullivan – ‘On a Paving Stone Mounted’ (1978); followed by a Directors Q&A.

Followed by an in-person Q&A with the Director

The ICC is delighted to present a season of films by one of Ireland’s foremost film directors and cinematographers, Thaddeus O’Sullivan.

Thaddeus has been a working filmmaker for five decades. Throughout the 1980s, he was a central figure in the first wave of Irish feature-film-making, as cinematographer on films such as Joe Comerford’s ‘Traveller’, Pat Murphy’s ‘Anne Devlin’ and Cathal Black’s ‘Pigs’ and he was an early lobbyist for the development of an indigenous Irish cinema.

In this short season focussing on O’Sullivan’s early works, the ICC will be screening O’Sullivan’s drama-documentary, On a Paving Stone Mounted’ (Sat July 2nd 7pm): His short film ‘A Pint of Plain’ plus his first drama ‘The Woman Who Married Clark Gable’ (Sun July 3rd 3pm): and his multi award winning feature film‘December Bride (Sun July 3rd 7pm).

Thaddeus O’Sullivan will be doing Q&A’s following each of the film screenings; he will be interviewed by Gerry Maguire, Director of Irish Film London. 

Sat 02 July 2022

Doors 6.30pm; Film Starts 7.00pm

Tickets: £8

About ‘On a Paving Stone Mounted’

Thaddeus O’Sullivan’s impressionistic drama documentary, On a Paving Stone Mounted’, looks at the experience of Irish immigrants in London and sets out to express their condition, often of confusion and anticipation. Once in London, the emigrants are seen creating situations that are reminders of ‘home’ and Irishness and their memories begin to alter.

Shot in black and white, using experimental techniques and moving back and forth between locations in London, Croagh Patrick and Dublin, ‘On a Paving Stone Mounted’ is a uniquely original film and it’s considered a “holy grail” for committed Irish film viewers. It was a key film on the map of the emergence of Irish contemporary cinema and it was described by film scholar Luke Gibbons as an “experimental meditation on landscape, exile and memory.”

The film features early performances by Gabriel Byrne and Stephen Rea, and performances by the late, great Johnny Murphy and the late Peter Caffrey. There’s also cameo appearances from Miriam Margolyes and Christy Moore.

To make the film, O’Sullivan drew upon his personal reflections of emigrating to London and his curiously mixed feelings of banishment and freedom.

‘On a Paving Stone Mounted” was funded by BFI’s Film Production Fund.


About Thaddeus O’Sullivan

Thaddeus O’Sullivan was born in Dublin in 1947 and emigrated to London in 1966 where he remained to make his life and career. After working in various jobs, he studied at Ealing College of Art and then took an MA in Film at the Royal College of Art. His early films were experimental, “structuralist”, mixed mode films that often explored how the memory works, particularly amongst the emigrant Irish in Britain.

He has worked in the British and Irish film and TV industries since the late-1970s as an accomplished cinematographer, with many periods in the USA. His early films, from 1975 – 1985 include “Flanagan’,  ‘A Pint Of Plain’ ‘The Woman Who Married Clark Gable’ ‘On a Paving Stone Mounted’ and ‘Assembled Memories: Jack B Yeats’  Many notable feature films followed, including December Bride (1989), Nothing Personal (1995), Witness to the Mob (1999), Ordinary Decent Criminal (2000), The Heart of Me (2003), Into the Storm (2008) and Stella Days. He has also worked extensively in Television, as a director on dramas including ‘Call The Midwife’, ‘Silent Witness’, ‘Vera’, ‘The Crimson Field’ and ‘Shetland’. O’Sullivan has enjoyed success in America, making ‘Witness to the Mob’ (1998) with Robert De Niro’s production company and the TV movie ‘Into the Storm’ (2009), which starred Brendan Gleeson as Winston Churchill. ‘Into The Storm’ was nominated for 14 Emmys.

Thaddeus has been an award winner at the European Film Awards, the IFTAs and numerous film festivals and his works have also been nominated for a BAFTA and an Emmy.