The New Irish Playbook

The New Irish Playbook is a series of short plays written by up & coming Irish Writers.

The playbook is a showcase of Irish writers, directors & actors. With five plays being performed over the course of the evening all of which are unique to themselves.


The Irish Creative Collective was established in April 2022 to bring together, support and showcase Irish creatives in London.

We host an array of events showcasing Irish talent including but not limited to theatre, music, poetry and comedy. All of which are centred around our monthly Irish Creative Networking Night which takes place in venues across London and where all are welcome!

Thu 04 May 2023

Doors 7.00pm, Starts 7.30pm

Tickets: £15/13

CAER by Kate Conboy-Fischer


“Waking up after a one-night stand is never easy. Especially when you don’t remember where you are, who they are…and who you are.”

Director: Kate Bauer

Cast: Emma Langan, Daniel Keogh


Maybe, Baby by Terasa Nealon


‘In the deep of the Leitrim countryside, Louise and Maura share wine and bury their secrets together.’

Cast: Olivia McAteer, Niamh Donnelly


So this is it by Joe O’Neill


‘With not long left before the end of everything, two strangers find themselves trapped together as everything falls around them’

Director: Joe O’Neill

Cast: Sarah Hosford, Max Brennan


David Duchovneys Sperm by Aisling Corristine


An emotionally vacant woman begs a bouncer to arrange a secret meeting with David Duchovny who is
playing a gig inside, basically so she can get a sample of his sperm…

Director: Joe O’Neill

Actors: Delaney Conway, Stewart Shields

Play on Words by Niall Carmody


Play on Words tells the story of Harper and Collins, two lexicographers held captive by MW, a multinational organisation operating amid a dystopian future. The two women are tasked with rebuilding a resemblance of the English dictionary using their own unique processes. At intervals, they are given a quota of words to define as well as a parameter of time in which to define them: failure to complete this task will result in death at the hands of MW.


Director: Meghan Bartual Smyth

Cast: Lara McIvor & Dorothea Jones