The Untold Story of Michael Collins & Sam Maguire

A Joint Irish History Lecture by Aengus Collins O'Malley and Marcus Howard

Get ready for a riveting journey into the hidden chapters of Irish history with “The Untold Story of Michael Collins and Sam Maguire” talk! Delve into the clandestine world where Collins and Maguire, heroes of Ireland’s struggle for freedom, played pivotal roles in both Ireland and England. From daring gun running operations to intricate intelligence networks, the duo navigated secret societies and political intrigue to liberate their homeland. Join us for an evening of revelations, as Aengus Collins O’Malley, the great grandnephew of Michael Collins, shares family insights, and independent historian and filmmaker Marcus Howard unveils some of the untold stories of these unsung heroes. This is a rare chance to witness history come alive, exploring the covert manoeuvres, planning, and targets on both sides of the water that shaped the destiny of a nation fighting for its freedom.

Wed 21 February 2024

Starts 7.00pm

Tickets: £7