Vengeance: The Demise of Oscar Wilde

FATDAN PRODUCTION presents VENGEANCE, a new musical drama

Book by John Merrigan

Music & Lyrics by Danielle Morgan / John Merrigan

Produced by John Merrigan

Thu 03 March - Thu 03 March 2022

7.00pm Doors, 7.30pm Show Start

Tickets: Full price: £22 / Concession: £20 / Early bird offer: two tickets £38 (to end January, 2022)

Oscar Wilde was a literary genius, perhaps the greatest “outsider”, who has beguiled and inspired us for generations.  His personal struggle for freedom of expression and his fearless defence of his art still resonates strongly in our society today.  “VENGEANCE” is a fresh narrative that tells his story through the eyes of his life-long friend, Robbie Ross, as participant and narrator, with all original orchestrated music, songs and stage performance.  Faithful to the true characters and real events that took place, it’s a moving, insightful and compelling drama that will absorb from start to finish.

1895 began with Oscar Wilde possessing fame, money, and love.  In a few short months, he went from society “hero” to humiliated “zero”, his creative genius irrevocably damaged.  His demise and rapid fall from grace was led by the Marquis of Queensbury, a maverick aristocratic who sought to save his son and Wilde’s young lover, Lord Alfred Douglas (“Bosie”).  The drama explores how events rapidly unfolded and why both men set themselves on such an obsessive path, rejecting the many opportunities each had to back down.  It was a fight without rules, that ruined both men and deeply affected their families and closest friends.

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